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Fine Homebuilding Awards $60,000 in Scholarships


SkillsUSA is proud to announce, in its third year of partnership with Fine Homebuilding, a scholarship opportunity for SkillsUSA members. Current SkillsUSA members studying in construction-related fields, with a passion for their craft and planning to pursue continued education including community college, undergraduate programs, and industry certifications are eligible for one of 24 $2,500 scholarships for the 2019 academic year...(read more...)

Built Tough in the United States


Products that are proudly made in the USA bolster the economy—creating more jobs and keeping investments right here at home. The Dryerbox® is one of those products...(read more...)

#KeepCraftAlive Event At IBS Success


During IBS 2019 in Las Vegas, Fine Homebuilding hosted a KeepCraftAlive Fundraising Event...(read more...)

What Is The "Skills Gap"?


Employers are constantly seeking employees who have the necessary skills to fulfil a job's requirements. When the employer is unable to locate someone who is qualified to take on those responsibilities, that is known as the skills gap...(read more...)

#keepcraftalive Fundraising Event Las Vegas


Continuing the momentum for our partnership with Fine Homebuilding's #keepcraftalive scholarship initiative, we want to remind you to sign up for the fundraising event at IBS 2019 in Las Vegas...(read more...)

Dryerbox & DryerWallVent Partner With #keepcraftalive


The housing industry is seeing a huge dip in numbers of people enrolling in skills-training programs. The "skills gap" is the unbalanced demand and supply of trained and qualifi...(read more...)

Dryerbox 480 Highlights


The Dryerbox has some interesting features. Here are some of the highlights...(read more...)

Fine Homebuilding Features The Dryerbox And The DryerWallVent


FHB House is energy-smart, connected, healthy and durable. It's small and sensible. Most of all, it’s the industry's most powerful home for educating designers and builders...(read more...)

Can I Use Dryerbox On An External Wall?


When your dryer is placed on the exterior wall, sometimes a space issue presents itself...(read more...)

October 7th-13th, 2018 is Fire Prevention Week


The National Fire Protection Association announced that October 7th-13th 2018 is Fire Prevention Week. Their slogan is "Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.™"...(read more...)

Don't Overdry Your Laundry


According to EnergyStar, dryers that have a moisture sensor should always be set to use that feature. This prevents wasting energy on running the dryer with...(read more...)

What Causes Dryer Fires?


According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 15,000 home fires per year are caused by clothes dryers. And SO MANY of these could have been prevented, according to firefighters...(read more...)

10 Dryer Safety Tips


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your dryer and its connected ductwork helps prevent dryer fires. Here are the top 10 dryer safety tips compiled by the NFPA's Public Education Division...(read more...)

What Is Aluminized Steel?


The Dryerbox is made of aluminized steel. What exactly is that?...(read more...)

The Dryerbox Doubles As A Gas Connection Receptacle


One of the best reasons for choosing the Dryerbox as the recessed exhaust receptacle for your laundry room is the compatibility with gas-powered dryers...(read more...)

The Dryerbox 425 - Why This Model?


When installing The Dryerbox in a 2x6 wall, the model 425 is an excellent choice! This sleek model is narrow enough to allow room for plumbing and electrical to run alongside...(read more...)

The Case For Vented Dryers


Vented dryers have many advantages over ventless. In some condominiums or older buildings, ventless may be your only option, however, if you have a choice, a vented dryer is always the better choice...(read more...)

Ductz Features Several Products At The NJAA Show


Ductz air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration services recently showcased The Dryerbox, DryerWallVent, Dryer-Ell, DryerFlex and The Defender at the NJAA trade show...(read more...)

How To Choose The Right Dryerbox Model


Choosing the correct Dryerbox model is easy. Using our selector tool, you simply choose whether your install is existing or new construction...(read more...)

What Is A Recessed Exhaust Receptacle?


The technical term is "recessed exhaust receptacle". What exactly does that mean? A recessed exhaust receptacle is a space made within...(read more...)

The Dryerbox Allows More Room For Your Dryer


The hose behind your dryer has to have space to run into the wall. This creates a situation where you have the dryer sticking out into the laundry room, eating up space...(read more...)

Safety In Numbers


The old saying goes, "There's safety in numbers." This was never more true than when discussing the model numbers 480 and 466. These two numbers represent laundry room safety...(read more...)

The Dryerbox Helps To Reduce Callbacks


When you receive a callback, you have not only lost time and money in your current schedule, but you also lose the profit margin on the initial install. Someone having "accidents" around your hard work doesn't affect them, it affects you. The Dryerbox comes to the rescue...(read more...)

Behind Every Great Dryer Is The Dryerbox


Behind every great dryer is The Dryerbox. Merging The Dryerbox and The DryerFlex allows your dryer to efficiently push air and lint out through your dryer ducts without crushing the hose and maintaining the 4-inch round code requirements....(read more...)

Turbo Charge Your Dryer With Dryerbox And DryerWallVent


It's time to turbo charge your dryer with the Dryerbox and DryerWallVent combo! Dryer vent air needs a clear passage to remove the lint and wet air from...(read more...)

Hidden Luxury And Sophisticated Safety


Hiding The Dryerbox 480 almost seems like a crime. The beauty comes from the gorgeous stainless steel, crafted in the USA. Sophisticated safety comes from helping prevent fires by protecting the duct from being crushed...(read more...)

Ready To Use BIM Files


As the finishing touch on a high-profile design, look no further than In-O-Vate Dryer Products. Revit and AutoCAD formats are available for inclusion in your project. From the DryerWallVent to the Dryerbox, you can find the right model for your specs on the BIM page....(read more...)

From Dryer To Dry Air


In-O-Vate Dryer Products has been re-engineering your dryer venting needs for over 20 years. The most popular solution is the Dryerbox, which is installed in over 4 million homes. This simple metal receptacle allows you to locate the washer and dryer flush against the wall without crushing the hose....(read more...)

Success At IBS


IBS Show Success! In-O-Vate had another successful showing at IBS in Orlando, Florida from January 9th-11th, 2018. The booth was manned by our own staff, who were proud to show off all of the prod...(read more...)

IBS - NAHB International Builders Show 2018 - Join Us!


In-O-Vate Technologies will be available for questions and product demonstrations at IBS in Orlando, FL. Swing by our booth at S1423 (see map in full post) to chat with our friendly staff....(read more...)

New Year, Safe Home


With the 2017 holidays coming to a close, it's time to make your 2018 New Year's resolution. This year, why not make it about your home? It's a much easier resolution to decide to spruce up your house than the usual weight loss or bad habit commitments. If you really wanted to give up cheesecake, why wait until the new year? Having a duct cleaner come in and clear out your dryer's exhaust system is an easy choi...(read more...)

The Laundry Room Secret That Can Win New Home Buyers


One way to add up to 6 inches of floor space is to fit the dryer flush to the wall without crushing the fragile exhaust hose. A recessed connection for the dryer transition hose does just that. Installed in the wall behind the...(read more...)