Dryer Venting FAQs

Do all dryers "vent-out" of the dryer appliance in the same place? And where is that?
Answer Except for the stackable combo washer/dryer units and some European units, most dryer appliances exhaust through a 4" port at the very bottom of the rear back panel, and it is located in the center measured from side to side.
Is it o.k. to vent a clothes dryer into a basement, crawlspace, attic or garage?
Answer No. It is NOT recommended to vent dryers to an interior space. For you, your furniture and your families health and many other viable reasons. Drying a typical load of clothes via a standard tumble dryer produces 10 pints of moisture. Here is a great link about venting clothes dryer indoors. Also, click here to read a great reference article on mold.
What is the difference in the numerous types of dryer transition hoses? Which flex hose is best?
Answer Basically there are three different types of transition hoses available to purchase and install between the dryer and the in-the-wall exhaust system. Namely, the white vinyl spiral bound, the spiral type multi-ply foil flexible duct and the semi-rigid flexible aluminum duct. Absolutely do not use the white vinyl spiral bound flex as it is very unsafe and prohibited by most building codes and appliance manufacturers specifications. Click here to view the comparison.