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Awareness and Clothes Dryer Safety (Dryer exhaust and dryer venting related links)
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  • By Appliance Magazine "Spontaneous Combustion Tendency for Clothes Dryers Part 2" dryer fire article part two
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  • "Overheated Clothes Dryers Can Cause Fires"
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  • By "Dryer lint buildup creates fire risk"
  • By Consumer Reports "Truths and myths of dryer fires"
  • The importance of proper dryer venting can scarcely be overstated. Click Here for the latest fire articles tracked on the Internet.
Superior Quality Venting Components
  • The DryerJack "The code compliant choice for venting through the roof."
  • The DryerWallVent "Premium, low-profile construction component for long lasting wall vent terminations. "

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