Dryer Venting Flex Hose

Comparison of foil and aluminum duct

Foil Flex Hose

"Spiral type multi-ply foil flexible duct"
In compressed state, only 3 1/4" inside dimension
  • Easy to work with and install
  • Very flexible
  • Much less efficient (a lot of interior friction)
  • Not allowable by most dryer manufacturers
  • Has been known to not contain a lint fire

Provides a delta of .35 inches of water column pressure

Flexible Aluminium

"Semi-rigid flexible aluminum duct"
In compressed state, a full 4" inside dimension
  • Maintains a full 4" diameter in compressed or bent configuration
  • Smooth or smoother interior
  • Very efficient and safe
  • Specified by most manufacturers
  • Insisted upon by numerous building codes
  • Harder to work with and install
  • Does not have the ability to twist

Provides a delta of .10 inches of water column pressure

Popular Efficiency Value Chart for
Dryer Exhaust Terminations and Fittings
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If your dryer's transition hose is the white vinyl type, it is highly recommended that you replace it with either of the ones above. The white vinyl flex is so well known for contributing to fires that it actually is very hard to find in stores.