The Dryerbox Doubles As A Gas Connection Receptacle

One of the best reasons for choosing the Dryerbox as the recessed exhaust receptacle for your laundry room is the compatibility with gas-powered dryers. The Dryerbox doubles as a gas connection receptacle as well as the starting point for your dryer's duct connection.

Correct Termination Assembly for Gas Line to Dryerbox

The Dryerbox® features a “knock-out” port for a gas line. With it, you’ll have a convenient and space saving location for the gas valve and termination fitting. The knock-out is 1 inch in diameter and supports 1/2” black iron pipe or a CSST Termination Fitting and Jamb nut to securely affix the termination to the receptacle. An approved ball style shut-off valve must be used.

The installation of gas utilization equipment, related accessories, and their ventilation and venting systems should always be performed by qualified personnel.

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