Flatten the ridges to ease the connection chore.

Aluminum Flex is the preferred and specified material to use for connecting the dryer to the wall connection. We call it the transition hose and will likely exhibit a 4 1/2" worm-drive clamp at both ends to secure it to the rigid pipe. The difficulty is getting the flex over the rigid pipe as the corrugated material does protrude inward making the actual opening less than the needed 4".

The fix is to take a piece of pipe, perhaps 1 1/2 in diameter, or a rolling pin, and roll it around the inside but only on the first stretched out 2". This will flatten the ridges out and when done all the way around, the flex will generally slide right over the rigid pipe. Do this to both ends of the flex.

Also, if you are using the model 425 or 350 Dryerbox, it is best to only use 13" compressed or 39" stretched out, as this has been determined to just be able to fit in The Dryerbox's height. Too much longer and it will not fit height wise.

To keep the aluminum flex from sliding off the rigid pipe, a small "hook" or "catch" can be easily created in the very end of the rigid pipe with a pliers. Placed in two or three areas around the circumference and protruding only a 1/16th of an inch, it provides a "grab" for the flex to catch on.

Check out this quick video for more great tips on connecting the flex exhaust hose.

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