Hidden Luxury And Sophisticated Safety

Hiding The Dryerbox 480 almost seems like a crime. The beauty comes from the gorgeous steel, crafted in the USA. Sophisticated safety comes from helping prevent fires by protecting the duct from being crushed.

The Dryerbox 480 is made from 22 gauge aluminized steel for a lifetime of assistance with fire prevention. The 4" opening allows for standard duct piping to be inserted with ease. A knock-out port allows for a gas connection as well.

With the Dryerbox, you can fit your dryer flush against the wall, allowing room for your DryerFlex hose, which means that your lint build-up is minimized. This will make your laundry room appear larger.

Got a pedestal dryer? Dryerbox 480 can handle that as well as floor models.

Technical stuff:

  • No trimming piece is necessary.
  • Gain 5 feet on your duct run.
  • Paintable to match your interior.
  • A handy support tab assists in install.


Dryerbox 480 is, hands-down, the most versatile, safe and stylish way to outfit your laundry room and assist in keeping your home fire-free.