The Dryerbox 425 - Why This Model?

When installing The Dryerbox in a 2x6 wall, the model 425 is an excellent choice! This sleek model is narrow enough to allow room for plumbing and electrical to run alongside. Even within a 2x4 wall, it can be installed with a 1 inch furring strip. Designed to be used for upward venting, it can also be rotated to support pedestal or stacked units to accommodate downward venting.

The Dryerbox model 425 is made of 22 gauge aluminized steel, weighing 4.14 pounds. The distance from the nailing flange to the rear of box is 4 1/4", and the overall measurements are 21" h x 12 1/2" w x 5 1/8" deep. The inside measures 9 1/2" wide x 18 1/4" tall.

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