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In-O-Vate Technologies’ New Dryer Elbow Offers Length and Install Flexibility (Jupiter, FL - April 29, 2009)
In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc, makers of the popular Dryerbox®, announced the addition of a large radius 45 degree elbow to their lineup of Dryer-Ell venting products. Similar to the Dryer-Ell 90, this new elbow will allow contractors to gain additional length of run with no resulting building code penalty.
Dryerbox and Dryer-Ell Get Even Greener (Jupiter, FL - January 22, 2007)
In-O-Vate Technologies, the manufacturer of the Dryerbox and the Dryer-ell, have recently been notified that both products have been “GreenSpec” listed and designated a “Green Product” with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building credits.
New Pipe Support Tab Makes Dryerbox Installation A Breeze (Jupiter, FL - November 21, 2006)
In-O-Vate Technologies, the manufacturer of the Dryerbox, has introduced a new, patent pending feature for their popular vent hose receptacle. The Dryerbox will now include a duct support tab in the top port that assists in maintaining the ideal penetration length of 2 inches for Snaplock rigid conduit.
In-O-Vate Honored as one of America's Fastest Growing Companies (Jupiter, FL - September 7, 2006)
In-O-Vate Technologies, the company that invented the Dryerbox®, made this year’s Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. In-O-Vate exceeded 388% growth over the three-year period reviewed, ranking 359th overall and 16th in the construction related category.
Dryer-Ell Takes Top Venting Design Award Honors (Jupiter, FL - August 2006)
In-O-Vate Technologies’ new 90° long-turn dryer venting elbow was recognized for excellence in product design in the third annual Dealer Design Awards Program sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine.
In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. Sells 1,000,000th Dryerbox® (Jupiter, FL - March 2006)
In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. of Jupiter, FL announced the sale of the one millionth Dryerbox unit.
New Long-Turn Elbow for Dryer Venting (Jupiter, FL - March 2006)
The manufacturer's of The Dryer-Ell, a re-engineered long-turn dryer exhaust conduit fitting, recently underwent some extensive laboratory testing by Underwriters Laboratories.
New OEM Differential Sensor Detects Dryer Clogging (Jupiter, FL - March 2006)
In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc., a manufacturing company specializing in dryer venting products, recently unveiled the Lint-Alert, an electromechanical pressure switch to be installed in the dryer appliance.
Popular Dryerbox® Aids in Mold Prevention (Jupiter, FL - March 2006)
Take a look behind your dryer. Chances are the back of it is about five or six inches away from the wall and the vent hose resembles a snake.
Popular Dryerbox Gets One Hour UL Listing (Jupiter, FL - February 2005)
In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. adds some serious marketability to its already popular solution to dryer venting by obtaining a one-hour F rating from United Laboratories, Inc. UL is the trusted source across the globe for product compliance.
Dryerbox Introduces Innovative Elbow (Jupiter, FL - February 2005)
In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. makers of the enormously popular and practical Dryerbox have come up with another promising new product: The Dryer-Ell. A re-engineered dryer exhaust fitting that exhibits a larger radius and a smooth interior, providing a net gain of approximately 4.8 feet in allowable duct length when used as a replacement to the standard 4” ell used in the dryer venting trade.
New Version of the Popular Dryerbox (Jupiter, FL - November 2004)
In-O-Vate Technologies introduced a new version of their popular Dryerbox vent receptacle facilitating a downward exhaust direction. For houses built on stem wall or for second floor laundry rooms, this new Down-Box receptacle provides all the same benefits of their original model.
The Dryer Safety Tips (Jupiter, FL - November 2004)
It’s time to air some of your home’s dirty laundry. Even the best-kept house may have a dirty little secret. Lint. It’s more than a matter of cleanliness, but actually a serious fire hazard that may be lurking right under your roof.
Shop Talk: Dryerbox (Jupiter, FL - November 2004)
Why did you come up with this invention? As a General Contractor for 13 years, building custom homes and developing residential communities, I've always been around and cherished construction, engineering and inventing.
Money and Space Saving Tool Eliminates Mess Behind Clothes Dryer (Jupiter, FL - October 2004)
Have a washer and dryer at home? Good chance the dryer is five or six inches away from the back wall and the flex exhaust hose resembles a snake. “Tight bends in the flex exhaust hose accelerate lint accumulation and can really impair the efficiency of the dryer and—worse yet—create a fire hazard,” says Rick Harpenau, owner of In-O-Vate Technologies Inc. and inventor of The Dryerbox.
The Product Fact Sheet (Jupiter, FL - October 2004)
The Dryerbox was invented and patented in the United States and was introduced to the market in 1995. The Dryerbox is a simple metal receptacle that installs in the wall behind the dryer to house and collect the flex duct hose, which connects to the wall exhaust pipe
Design Enhancement To The Dryerbox (Jupiter, FL - November 2003)
In-O-Vate Technologies Inc., who developed The Dryerbox for new home construction, has very recently incorporated a "gas port” to the already popular receptacle that installs in the wall behind the dryer. This simple, yet innovative, product saves space in the laundry room, allows the clothes dryer to operate more efficiently and reduces a common household fire hazard. To-date, over 500,000 units are installed in homes across the country.
In-O-Vate-Technologies Introduces The Dryerbox (Jupiter, FL - January 2003)
In-O-Vate Technologies has launched The Dryerbox, a recessed dryer vent box, to the U.S. market. This simple yet innovative product saves space in the laundry room, allows the clothes dryer to operate more efficiently and reduces a common household fire hazard.

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Dryer Fire Potential (U.S. Fire Administration / Department of Homeland Security - January 2007)
Fire Research Series: Clothes Dryer Fires in Residential Buildings. Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths, and 400 injuries annually.
Dryer Fire Potential (Building Safety Journal - December 2006)
When a dryer vent is installed within a wall cavity, the use of a vent receptacle prevents the flexible transition hose from being crushed, thus reducing the possibility of a blockage that could cause a fire.
Fire Prevention For Your Clothes Dryer (WCCO TV, Minnesota - March 2007)
Fires in clothes dryers kill or injure hundreds of people every year. "The volatility of dryer lint is incredible." Tips to Prevent Fires.
Dryer Vents Revisited (Yahoo Lifestyle - March 2009)
How to improve your dryer vents safety.
Dryer vents always worth revisiting (Red Deer Advocate - December 2005)
A dryer box is an inexpensive metal accessory that creates back-of-dryer space for the vent pipe. It improves dryer performance by ensuring that the duct work remains uncrumpled.
Dryer venting a serious necessity (Inman News - November 2005)
Most people know there's a pipe on the back of their clothes dryer, and that it needs to be connected to the vent pipe that's coming through the wall or floor in their utility rooms.
The Dryerbox (Building Edge Magazine - July 2005)
Take a look behind your dryer. Chances are the back of it is about five or six inches away from the wall and the vent hose resembles a snake.
Time to give "dry" subject some respect (Toronto Star - February 2005)
Clothes dryer vents have got to be one of the last things that builders consider when they're putting a house together, and it shows. Take a look behind just about any dryer and you'll see what I mean.
Dryers need proper air circulation to work right (The Globe Gazette - February 2005)
Dear Jim: Our dryer runs longer than it used to and the utility room seems chilly. The dryer is pushed back in a corner with a bend in the duct. What can I do, and should I install a vent cover or vent it indoors? — Hank W.
Remodeler's Choice Top 100 (Qualified Remodeler - August 2004)
10. The Dryerbox. In-O-Vate Technologies Incorporated a “gas port” to its Dryerbox, a receptacle that installs in the wall behind the dryer.
The Energy Adviser (The Columbian - February 2004)
The "At Home" section of the Sunday Columbian features a column by our "Energy Adviser" QUESTION: Dear Energy Adviser: I read your column on venting clothes dryers last fall.
Building Products Top 100 (Building Products - January/February 2004)
100 products and materials readers wanted to know more about. 9. In-O-Vate Technologies. The 22-gauge aluminized steel Dryerbox is a recessed dryer vent box that saves space in the laundry room because it allows the dryer to be pushed against the wall.
Stretch your laundry room with space-saving device (Chicago Tribune - December 2001)
Brother Morris' wife, Carol, recently noticed a magazine ad for a stamp-formed metal device that looked a lot like a dishpan with a large round hole in one end.
Smooth Transition (Popular Mechanics - September 2003)
The Dryerbox is a better way to connect a dryer. The Dryerbox is a small idea, but a good one. Very good, in fact. It's made of 22-gauge aluminized steel, drawn deep into a pan shape.
2003 Building Products Home Runs (Building Products - July/August 2003)
Building Products' second annual Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards. In-O-Vate Technologies. One judge was so impressed by The Dryerbox that he commented: "What a great idea! Why didn't I think of it?
Take the Kink Out of your Hose (Smart Home Owner - March/April 2003)
Take a look behind your dryer. Chances are the back of it is about five or six inches away from the wall and the vent hose resembles a snake.
Building Pros Pick Their Top 100 Products (Building Products - May 2002)
Things that make life a bit easier, more profitable and better. 35. The Dryerbox. This box insets behind the clothes dryer between wall studs to accommodate a flexible exhaust hose.
Jupiter man’s invention hits some Home Depots (The Palm Beach Post - December 2001)
Rick Harpenau says his Dryerbox helps make homes safer and saves space. JUPITER — Two years ago, Rick Harpenau quit his job building jails for Wackenhut Corp. to work full time on an obscure invention called The Dryerbox, a metal receptacle that promises to save space and reduce the risk of fire.
Dryer Fire Wipes Out Family Belongings (Sea & Shore - Fall 2001)
A wife (my former neighbor) started a clothes dryer in the laundry room, which was located between the garage and kitchen. She then left the house to run errands.
100 Remodeler’s Choice "Hot Products 2001" (Qualified Remodeler - November 2001)
4. The Dryerbox. From In-O-Vate Technologies is a metal receptacle that installs within the wall and facilitates the collection and housing of the flex hose.
Clothes-dryer hookup (Fine Home Building - November 2000)
Every so often, as I wade through the piles of new-product releases that cross my desk, some simple, forehead-slapper of an idea stands out.
A Fresh Angle on Clothes Dryer Vents (Energy Design Update - September 2000)
Recognizing that there can be serious efficiency and safety problems with conventional clothes dryer vents, Rick Harpenau, president of In-O-Vate Technologies (Jupiter, FL), has brought a solution to market.