Customer Story and Photo - Tom Krishan

Story is unsolicited and not edited. It is provided to better educate you as the potential installer.

I've attached a few pictures of my recent installation of your product. After living in this house for more years than I want to admit and many halfway solutions (including moving the dryer partially into the hallway (a source of great frustration for my wife), I purchased your product.

After ripping the wall open, I found that I could not use your standard product because of the left-right orientation of your pre-punched hole. I called your factory and with the help of your staff, was able to order an unpunched floor unit for 2"x4" installations. The location of the box was also restricted by the 220 volt service on the left (in one of the pictures) as well as a sewer vent pipe immediately to the left of the left hand stud (cannot be seen in picture).

To limit the scope of the project, I decided not to tear out the ceiling from the floor below to move the dryer vent. Instead, I drilled a hole in the back of the Dryerbox. To prevent the hose from kinking, used a special 4" close elbow. I had some trouble finding a local source for this elbow until I learned that it is an appliance FSP part, not a standard heating and ventilation part. Going to my local appliance part store, I had the elbows in a day.

To drill the hole, I used a Lenox bi-metal hole saw which is suitable for metal or wood. This tool ended up costing more than the Dryerbox but seemed to be the best method I had available for making a 4" hole in the pan. If I had drilled from the bottom, I would have used a smaller diameter and perhaps ground an oblong hole as in your factory punched Dryerboxes.

I fastened the FSP close elbow to the Dryerbox with some #10x1/2 sheet metal screws (the elbow has a flange). I also used a FSP close elbow on the dryer as well. The flexible hose only needs to make an inverted U bend, no sharp bends.

Perhaps this information will be useful to you or your customers. You could change your FAQ; while you cannot provide a right hand pre-punched hole, you can provided an unpunched unit with some sort of disclaimer.

You have a great product, this is the first time ever that I can push our dryer back into the washing machine closet and know that the hose has not been crushed.

Tom Krishan
Newtown Square, PA