Customer Story and Photo - Rick

Story is unsolicited and not edited. It is provided to better educate you as the potential installer.

This install was in an existing older home with a cement slab, where the dryer venting went down through the slab, and was in 3” PVC. The efficiency was decreased, and the pipe would fill up with condensation. The PVC came up outside and was prone to infestation. The owner opted to straight up to a new roof vent (one story and used a DryerJack). The PVC was foamed and capped at both ends. The wall was a 2x6 wall so it was easy to send the duct down from the attic in 3 foot sections.

Note the cutting of the “investigation hole” at an angle like cutting the top of a pumpkin, to allow for simple replacement if something was going to prevent the install. Top plate was cut out with a saws-all.

Existing stud placement allowed for locating the receptacle in center line with yet to be placed dryer.