Customer Story and Photo - Richard Gehring

Story is unsolicited and not edited. It is provided to better educate you as the potential installer.

"A truly great product and very affordable, it allowed us to safely move our front loading pedestal dryer closer to the wall. Here are my steps that coincide with the 5 pictures:

Step 1
Find a dealer from the Dryerbox website and be sure they stock the model(s) you may need. Carefully cut away the sheetrock to expose the vent area. Note: I cut back to the middle of the studs on both sides in order to easily install sheetrock when finished. My wall was 4" deep so I used Dryerbox 350 and installed it facing down.

Step 2
I had to move the 220v line box, after 100% ensuring the power was off.

Step 3
I had to remove the stud and replace it with 2 studs that I used as my frame for the Dryerbox. I nailed two 2x4s together and placed them on the side on top off my 2 new studs. I nailed the new horizontal stud to the old stud. I then nailed the new vertical studs to the 2x4 at the bottom of the wall.

Step 4
I then replaced the old rectangular vent with a new round one that I bent in a slightly elliptical shape to get through the floor and into the Dryerbox. This was the toughest part of the project as I had to go down under the house into the crawlspace to properly attached the new vent pipe to the old pipe. I screwed the Dryerbox to the studs with deck screws and then cut the vent pipe off with a Dremel tool as my tin snips were not making a smooth cut.

Step 5
I measured, cut, and nailed the sheetrock to the studs. Then taped the joints and sealed them with joint compound followed by nailing the baseboard back in place. The last part of this step was to texture and paint it.

That's it - I used all the good info from your website, including the stories submitted, to help me plan the installation and ensure success. And credit to my wife who helped move the dryer and "fish" the vent pipe that I shoved up through the vent hole."

Richard Gehring
Danville, CA