Using the Duct Tab

Installing Duct Pipe to the Right Depth inside the Dryerbox®

  • Inserting Snap Lock Pipe
  • Duct Pipe Into Dryerbox Port
  • Pipe Should Only Extend Two Inches Into Dryerbox

Using the Duct Support Tab

Models 350 and 435 of the Dryerbox® now include a duct support tab in the top port that assists in maintaining the ideal penetration length of 2 inches for Snaplock rigid conduit. Simply create a “hook” by bending the tab at the two scored locations. Then, when you set in the length of Snaplock pipe and continue with the balance of the duct run, you won't have to worry that the duct is too far into the receptacle. After the duct run is complete and the pipe supported, simply break away the temporary support tab.

Why is a two inch limit on how far the duct pipe extends into the Dryerbox important? If rigid pipe slides too far into the port, there isn't enough height to fully recoil a long enough section of flex transition hose. The extra room is needed for a long enough hose so the dryer can be pulled far enough from the wall for easy installation and maintenance.