Clothes Dryer Gas Line Termination

The Dryerbox Includes a Convenient Knock-out for Installing the Gas Line

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Correct Termination Assembly for Gas Line to Dryerbox The Dryerbox® features a “knock-out” port for a gas line. With it, you’ll have a convenient and space saving location for the gas valve and termination fitting. The knock-out is 1 inch in diameter and supports 1/2” black iron pipe or a CSST Termination Fitting and Jamb nut to securely affix the termination to the receptacle (recommended).

1/2 Inch Black Iron Gas Pipe When using 1/2” black iron pipe, it is best to wrap the throat of the pipe that will come in contact with the receptacle with black vinyl tape. A "best practices" gas line installation is described in CSST Gas Termination below.

CSST Gas Termination Fitting - Preferred Method of Installing Gas Line (Shown) The illustration above shows a gas line installation using a CSST gas termination fitting and corrugated stainless steel tubing. Secure the CSST Termination Fitting with a Jamb nut to securely affix the termination to the receptacle. The gas port can be enlarged or relocated easily with a step bit. The best location may be in the center on the bottom return.

An approved ball style shut-off valve must be used.

Municipal Requirements for Gas Line Installation Many local governments require the CSST gas termination described above. The National Fire Protection Association provides strong additional resources including a complete report on the National Fuel Gas Code. The installation of gas utilization equipment, related accessories, and their ventilation and venting systems should always be performed by qualified personnel.