Fire Prevention

“Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.” - NFPA
The National Fire Prevention Association has long been the go-to source for fire prevention data and information. This year’s theme presents a crossover opportunity into the world of new home construction: What if you, as a builder, in being aware of places home fires might start, could install a product that would significantly minimize the threat of home fires?
We invite you to dig a little deeper on this page and to learn more about what causes dryer fires and how they can be prevented, why dryers you install need room to breathe, 10 dryer safety tips, and more information about the DB-480.
Top 10 Dryer Safety Tips, from the NFPA and DryerBox

What causes dryer fires? This quick video answers that question.

For more information on how to prevent fires in the home, please visit our friends at the National Fire Prevention Association.
To prevent home fires, choose the right products.
How can the DB-480 help prevent home fires, and why is it a home run product choice for builders?
About the DB-480