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Quick Introduction Video

Dryerbox Introductory Movie Transcript

Historically, the metal 4” exhaust pipe came right through the wall where the homeowner would commonly connect the flex transition hose. Often we’d find the appliance was pushed back so far that the hose was completely cut off.

This simple metal receptacle installs in the wall behind the dryer in new construction offering the builder, homeowner and tradesmen a much safer and efficient way to run the dryer exhaust. Our award winning, UL classified Dryerbox doubles as a gas connection receptacle and eliminates an elbow typically installed behind the dryer. To date, over 2 million Dryerbox units are installed in homes across the country. The popularity of using a receptacle to house and collect the flex dryer hose in the cell of the wall has grown remarkably over the past decade.

  • Elbow Eliminator - Gain 5+ Feet Duct Run
  • Installs in the Cell of the Wall Behind Dryer
  • Efficient Receptacle for Flex Transition Hose
  • UL Classified - Approved for 1 Hour Wall
  • Eliminates Mess and Prevents Crushed Hose


Drywall Finishing Video

Drywall Finishing Movie Transcript

The extension rim on the Dryerbox protrudes 7/8's of an inch from the nailing flange offering a built in corner bead. A roto zip spiral saw type tool will cut out the opening just like any other receptacle creating a small crevice that gets caulked by the painter when he caulks the baseboard.

This built in corner bead rim protects the drywall from damage and provide enough of a reveal for the trim carpenter to butt his baseboard to.

  • Extension Rim Provides a Built-in Corner Bead
  • Rotozip Blade is Guided by the Corner Bead
  • Corner Bead Protects Drywall and Provides


Flex Hose Installation Video

Dryer Flex Hose Installation Tips

Basically, there are two types of transition hoses available to purchase and install between the dryer and the in-the-wall exhaust system. Namely, the wire bound foil flex and the semi-rigid aluminum flex. As a safety note, absolutely do not use the white vinyl spiral bound flex as it is very unsafe and prohibited by most building codes and appliance manufacturers.

Over two million dryerboxes are installed in homes throughout the country. There are four new construction models and two retro-fit models. The latter are available from Amazon and Lowe's, while the new construction boxes are available from over two thousand heating and air conditioning outlets.

  • Roll Ridges Flat on Semi-Rigid Flex
  • Use Pipe Like a Dough Roller to Flatten Hose
  • Create a Catch at End of Duct With Plyers
  • "Ovalize" Flex if Duct is Compressed for 4" Walls

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