Small Company, Big Impact

The impact of small business on the economy is astounding. There is usually one aspect that is more desirable than the big name store, but that is not enough to keep it in business for long. Small companies that sell a unique product sometimes don’t have enough buzz to stick it out, either. Unless, of course, the product is something that people respond to seeing it with “Why didn’t I think of that?” In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. is one of these companies making a big impact with patented inventions.

Safety-centric laundry room products provide the base of their line of advanced upscale offerings that has disrupted an entire industry relying on cheaply-made venting. People are taking pride in their homes and no longer want to settle for what works “right now”. That mindset is what prompted In-O-Vate Technologies to design better and safer laundry room accessories and code-prescribed elements. Accolades and awards followed the initial release, and things have only gotten better since. Now, the line of products has become the standard in long-lasting construction.

In-O-Vate Technologies is proof that the dream is still alive and can work, even within a volatile market. The company is focused on B2B, while driving consumers to those partner businesses. This creates a two-fold marketing boost, which then increases the partners’ reach, also. Innovative products such as the Dryerbox, DryerWallVent and LintAlert PRO Plus have driven a new market on something seemingly secondary-laundry room safety. Numerous consumers have discovered hidden dangers through their duct cleaners and In-O-Vate’s line was there to help prevent those dangers from recurring.

While still a small company in number of employees, those few have provided astronomical impact on the housing industry. New technologies emerge, which only make In-O-Vate even stronger and more present in the day-to-day plans of safety-aware field representatives.