Shop Talk: The Dryerbox
Location: Jupiter, Florida (South Florida)
Telephone: (561) 743-8696
Address: 810 Saturn Street, Suite 20, Jupiter, FL 33477
President: Rick Harpenau

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Why did you come up with this invention?

As a General Contractor for 13 years, building custom homes and developing residential communities, I've always been around and cherished construction, engineering and inventing. Growing up with 7 other brother and sisters, I would jump on the opportunity to take things apart and rebuild them or manage to fix anything that was broken in the house.

How did you come up with this particular idea?
 I remembered the day I scribbled a rough napkin drawing of what is now called The Dryerbox. It was an idea that would eventually take care of the annoying, space consuming and hazardous situation that exists behind almost everyone's washer and dryer.

What is The Dryerbox?
The Dryerbox is a simple metal receptacle that installs between the studs in new construction behind the dryer and facilitates the collection and housing of the flex exhaust hose. A to-the-trade price is approximately $18-20 ea.

What are the benefits of using this product?
One of the obvious benefits is the ability to locate the dryer appliance right up against the wall without the potential of squishing or kinking the hose. Moving both appliances back provides close to two additional square feet of living area. Without the likely restrictions in the flex transition hose, clothes dry quicker saving $6/yr in energy costs and tumble less providing less wear to the garments.

Who benefits from this innovative product?
Well, the homeowner benefits from the increased efficiency and by the products ability to lessen the fire hazard caused by the “kinked” flex hose. The laundry room feels bigger and socks can’t fall behind the dryer as easily. The builder benefits as well by using our product as an “elbow eliminator” and a gas connection receptacle. It also qualifies for a clean-out that is now a code requirement for clothes dryer venting.
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Rick Harpenau
In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc.
810 Saturn Street, Suite 20 • Jupiter, FL 33477
Phone: (561) 743-8696 • Fax: (561) 745-9723