Popular Dryerbox® Aids in Mold Prevention
(Jupiter, FL -March 2006) Take a look behind your dryer. Chances are the back of it is about five or six inches away from the wall and the vent hose resembles a snake. The Dryerbox® from In-O-Vate Technologies is a simple metal receptacle that installs in the wall behind the dryer in new construction that facilitates the connection and collection of the flex transition hose.

Not only does The Dryerbox® make the appliance run more efficiently, make the laundry room appear larger, and reduce the fire hazard caused by inadequate ventilation, but now has recently been noted to reduce a potential mold source found in the wall directly behind the dryer.

Rick Harpenau, owner and inventor, says that in many typical installations, the sectioned elbow installed in the wall directly behind the dryer commonly gets kicked and nudged by the balance of the tradesmen that complete the home. The elbows’ sections will experience enough deformation that they can possibly fall apart or allow the moist exhaust air to escape into the dark cell of the wall.

“Being in the business for ten years, I’ve come across numerous dryer hazards. The dryer is a common and frequent ignition source in household fires, and lint is a component of a Boy Scouts fire-starter packet,” says Harpenau. With mold prevention high on builders and homeowners lists of precautions, it’s wise to point out this newly discovered mold potential. The Dryerbox® eliminates that typical elbow and prevents the homeowner from squishing or kinking the flex hose.

To-date, over 950,000 units has been installed in homes across the country. The popularity of using a receptacle to house and collect the flex dryer hose in the cell of the wall has grown remarkably over the past several years. The UL Classified metal Dryerbox® receptacle allows the clothes dryer to be pushed back against the wall of a laundry room without the fear of kinking the exhaust hose. “As builders, architects, inspectors, subcontractors and homeowners see the product for themselves; they are asking why this wasn’t available sooner. It really is a common sense type of product,” Harpenau said. For more information on The Dryerbox®, please visit www.dryerbox.com
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