Dryerbox Introduces Innovative Elbow
(Jupiter, FL - February 2005) In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. makers of the enormously popular and practical Dryerbox have come up with another promising new product: The Dryer-Ell. A re-engineered dryer exhaust fitting that exhibits a larger radius and a smooth interior, providing a net gain of approximately 4.5 feet in allowable duct length when used as a replacement to the standard 4” ell used in the dryer venting trade. Based on accepted ASHRAE methodology for calculating friction loss in ducts and fittings, this new fitting will provide key benefits to the builder and tradesmen by removing the 5 foot reduction consequence found in all building codes.

“This savings in duct run length is significant”, says Rick Harpenau, inventor and owner of In-O-Vate Technologies Inc. “The building code is very restrictive in allowable length of exhaust duct for dryer venting. Each typical 90 degree elbow has been calculated to penalize the contractor five lineal feet of duct run allowance. Our new Dryer-ell removes the 5 foot penalty and in a home with two nineties, that’s a net gain of ten feet. That is very valuable to contractors and adds efficiency to the laundry appliance”. The new product is being debuted at the AHR Expo, but you can take a sneak peek now by going to dryer-ell.com
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