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Dryerbox Specifications as Firestop Device for Mechanical and Residential Code
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The Recessed Dryer Vent Box a.k.a. The Dryerbox offers the architect tremendous value.  It provides a UL Through Penetration Firestop System receptacle in the wall to house the dryer flex transition hose.  This allows both the washer and dryer appliances to be moved back an extra 4 or more inches which in turn provides close to two extra square feet of living area and maybe solving a wall layout problem.  It is simple to specify, available from more than 1,900 wholesale suppliers throughout North America and will impress your client with your conscious effort to innovate and save them money and space.

The product is commonly referred to as the Dryerbox by In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc., under part numbers of DB-480, DB-425, DB-350, DB-4D and DB-3D.  The 425 refers to our most popular model measuring 4 1/4" deep (nailing flange to rear of box).  350 is 3 1/2" deep but exhibits a "squished" or oval hole (port) to accommodate the squished 4" rigid pipe.  We recommend the DB-425 for upward exhaust direction and the DB-4D for going down. 

When used in conjunction with the new, more efficient Dryer-Ell, you may take full advantage of the code-allowable run length with zero fitting penalties.
Specs Written by ARCAT:     Master Format 95     ||    Master Format 04

CLICK HERE for DWG and DXF Format Displaying 19 Different Application Scenarios

CAD Blocks - 16 scenarios DWG DXF architectural renderings, specifications and code

Venting Specifications Cut-Sheets Dryerbox Dryerbox 425 Engineering Specifications Dryerbox 4D Engineering Specifications
Cut-Sheets for All Models Sticky-Back 425 & 350 Sticky-Back 4D & 3D
Cut Sheets All Models - Specifying Dryer Exhuast Systems in PDF Cut Sheets All Models - Specifying Dryer Exhuast Systems in JPG Upward Dryer Venting Specifications PDF Upward Dryer Venting Specifications JPG Downward Dryer Venting Specifications PDF Downward Dryer Venting Specifications JPG
Dryer Venting Mechanical Code?Do you design the mechanical wall behind the washer dryer with a 2x4 stud size or a 2x6?  Due to the size of the rigid Snaplock 4" vent pipe and the necessity in some regions to provide a 4" plumbing vent stack, it is advisable and common in many parts of the US to build that wall behind the washer and dryer with a 2x6 stud wall.  The outside dimensions of both the metal exhaust Snaplock pipe or the plumbing stack are in excess of the limited 3 1/2" space a 2x4 provides.


The Dryerbox provides some interesting advantages.  Besides the many obvious benefits, the receptacle is a sensible change to the dangerous and inefficient way dryers have been exhausted for decades.  The heavy molded steel construction often exceeds code requirements for air distribution components, and creates a cleaner more professional finish.  Below are some letters that may be useful in permit preparation or "red-tag" challenges.

UL Engineering Report Firestop System
The Dryerbox Test Report

Engineer's Letter & UL Firestop Systems Report

Vent Duct Engineering Code
Proper interpretation of the UL listing regarding the vent duct to be routed entirely within fire rated construction. The specific concern is Item 3 in the listing (3. Steel Vent Duct)

Dryerbox Back to Back 1 Hour Wall Instructions for 2006 ICC Code  
2006 Code
Back to Back Installation for 1 Hour Walls

Engineering specifications for installing the Dryerbox in both sides of a one hour fireresistance rated wall assembly.

Dryerbox Back to Back 1 Hour Wall Instructions for 2009 ICC Code  
2009 Code
Back to Back Installation for 1 Hour Walls

Engineering specifications for installing the Dryerbox in both sides of a one hour fireresistance rated wall assembly.

Dryer Vent Receptacle Technical Product Specifications
The Technical Product Specification Sheet is providing detail information such as specific dimension, features, benefits and performance data bout the four models of The Dryerbox.

Dryerbox Oval Port and Venting Airflow Performance
Oval hole characteristics
with model 350.   Engineer's letter confirms no airflow performance impact with minor change in shape when pipe is ovalized due to restrictions caused by installing in a 2x4 wall.

The Dryerbox can be painted--doesn't need to be masked off Our product is paintable.  This letter by the owner clearly identifies and answers any questions relating to the paintability of the product.  It also explains the lack of need to mask off the surface of The Dryerbox, saving time and expense.

Where to Install the Dryerbox for Stackable or Pedestal DryersFor stackable washer/dryer units or dryers mounted on pedestals, The Dryerbox can and should be installed at the proper location to allow the dryer transition flex hose to be collected and stored in The Dryerbox receptacle.

Where to Install the Dryerbox for All Major Dryer ModelsQuickinstall guide for Stackable Washer / Dryer units for the major manufacturers.

ICC Mechanical Code Dryer Duct Clean-out Requirements Sec. 504.3 of the ICC Int'l Mech Code/2009 requires a clean-out at the base of vertical risers in dryer exhaust systems.  Our engineers' professional opinion is that The Dryerbox meets the requirements as a clean-out opening for the dryer exhaust system.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

International Mechanical Code & International Residential Code as it Pertains to Dryer Venting Code Sections Specific To Dryer Venting:
2003 IMC - International Mechanical Code (section 504)
2003 IRC - International Residential Code (section 1501)
2006 IRC - International Residential Code (section M1501) PDF-2006 ICC-IRC for Dryer Venting
2009 IRC - International Residential Code (section M1502) PDF-2009 ICC-IRC for Dryer Venting
2009 IMC - International Mechanical Code (section 504) PDF-2009 ICC-IMC for Dryer Venting
2012 IRC - International Residential Code (section M1502) PDF-2012 ICC-IRC for Dryer Venting
2012 IMC - International Mechanical Code (section 504) PDF-2012 ICC-IMC for Dryer Venting
Dryerboxes are UL Classified

The Dryerbox carries the UL Classification mark.  Click here for listing details.

Note: The heavy 22 gauge molded steel construction exhibits similar characteristics of other sheet metal products common to the HVA/C industry and hence is generally acceptable by the governing code commissions in the mechanical code section.  In some municipalities, the Dryerbox is code. 

Due to the product's obvious ability to reduce the fire hazard by eliminating the potential of the flex hose from getting “kinked” or crushed, thereby improving efficiency, the Dryerbox is well-received by Building and Mechanical inspectors.
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